We love receiving these……

We always love receiving testimonials about our staff and here is another one about our Lauren.


“I recently saw Lauren’s picture on the back of a Metro bus and seeing it prompted me to write to you to say how pleased I was that you recommended Lauren to look after the sale of my property.

I found Lauren very professional at all times and I was delighted when she kept me informed of any developments or of no developments.  When I was overseas she kept my daughter in the loop as she was my representative while I was away, both Sarah and myself found Lauren to be very straight forward and very practical and wise.

We had to go through a process of putting the property up initially for auction and then testing the waters so to speak with viewers of the property in order to reach a point where we had a buyer and the property was sold for a fair price, considering the condition and market forces.  All in all I wanted to let you know that you can have every confidence in Lauren as a representative of your organisation.” – Eileen O’Leary