The broken record

With each subsequent rise in the cash rate and with the RBA delivering successive increases like clockwork month after month, the Australian property market is facing downward pressures like it hasn’t for many years.

This has left some owners feeling like they may have missed the boat in terms of optimising the monetary value of their sales outcome and others who are now questioning whether they should forestall their plans to turnover their properties. In reality though the right outcome may exist in the shadows of these two dichotomous positions. 

Those who take action in the moments when others hesitate, whilst exposing themselves to vulnerabilities, have historically also been the people who are best poised to enjoy successes that would otherwise not be available to them. 

As always our mantra is one supported by the age-old adage – Time waits for no man – and we believe that if your journey has a property transaction within sight, there is no time like the present OR the distant future. If you could only choose to sell a house either tomorrow or in 5 years time… which would it be?