Looking for somewhere to call home?

Happy tenants are a very important part of our business. We are passionate about matching our quality properties with quality tenants.
Near enough is not good enough. We ensure that we do everything we can to look after your needs and are available to assist you throughout the entire lease process.

Looking for a new home?

Let us take the hassle out of looking for a new home to rent by helping you with your search! Simply pop into a Living Here office, fill out a ‘Stop Looking’ form with information about you and your ideal property, and we will search our database to let you know about any properties that we have or that are soon to become available that match your needs.


All requests for maintenance and repairs must be submitted to your Living Here office using the correct maintenance request form. Once approved, we will then organise to carry out the repair on the property and contact you to organise a suitable time.

Emergency Repairs

Please contact your Living Here office for a list of providers.
Rental Payments

Rent must be paid in advance, as per the rental agreement, at all times during your lease. Please contact your property manager immediately, if at any time during your lease you are unable to make a full rental payment on time to discuss the matter. Late payments are recorded on your file for future reference and could inhibit your ability to secure a rental property in the future.


Periodical routine inspections of the property will be completed every 14 – 16 weeks by your property manager. This is to ensure the property is being kept in good order, check for any possible maintenance issues and photograph the property for our records. The tenant you will be given the appropriate amount of notice prior to any routine inspection taking place.


We will retain a duplicate of all keys relating to your property for emergency access. You will be given at least one set of each key at the start of your tenancy. If you require replacements or duplicate keys these are to be organised at your own cost.

Please note that at no time can you change the locks at the property without obtaining prior permission in writing from your Living Here office, a copy of new keys will be requested.

What happens if I would like to add/change a tenant?

It is possible to add or change tenants to your lease and allow them to reside in the property you are currently renting through Living Here by gaining written approval by the owner or agent.

Contact your Living Here office for a Changing Tenants Application Kit.
What happens if I need to break my lease early?

When you sign a Lease agreement you are bound by law to the terms of the agreement, which includes the length of lease, however, sometimes situations change.

There are certain financial implications that must be met as well as a formal process to follow. If you are considering breaking your lease, please contact Please contact your Living Here office for a ‘Notice of Intention to Leave’ form and discuss the matter further.