More than ever you need Living Here now

This is a time of great uncertainty. Home sellers are concerned and home buyers are worried! Interest rates, inflation, borrowing capacity, pandemics…

Since Covid our homes have become our sanctuaries more than ever before and we all want to ensure we have a comfortable, affordable place to live with our families. To that end, sellers want to choose the optimal time to sell their property and buyers want to ensure that they have completed sufficient research to make an informed and practical decision.

What everyone considering selling and/or buying needs is a great agent.  An agent who will listen to your needs and who has the knowledge and the experience to assist you through the process.

At Living Here Launceston we pride ourselves on looking after our clients and helping them find the very best outcomes. One of our team members is always available to talk to.

“Peace of Mind in Property” is our slogan and we work hard to deliver.