GET IN QUICK……our market is on the move!

And it’s going up……WE LOVE a booming sales market at Living Here, it’s exciting to see and work in and is certainly keeping our sales consultants busy!

Over the past few months we have seen sold prices in a number of areas increase by up to 10% with demand for properties in many areas very high.

Properties are selling quickly with buyers missing out and realising they need to get in quick before the good properties sell.  There is also the feeling that many buyers may be priced out of the market if the prices continue to increase as they are.  We are seeing lots of high offers being made on properties new to the market as buyers simply don’t want to miss out!  Some houses are being sold in less than a week for more than the asking price, which is great!

Reminiscent of the last boom, we are also seeing more mainland buyers who are keen to snap up our real estate whilst the prices are still relatively cheap (compared to mainland prices).

If our team at Living Here can help you with buying or selling, we’d love to speak to you!