Cost Effective Target Marketing

So, you have finally made the decision to sell…….but how do you go about getting your property For Sale ad in front of as many people as possible?……While there are many options available, most of the best options that maximise your exposure do cost money, and some cost a lot more than others.

The Secret:  It’s Not About More Marketing; It’s About More EFFECTIVE Marketing.

An important part of the sales process is a strategically targeted marketing campaign that reaches those most likely to be interested in your property.

Don’t limit your marketing to just professional photos and a presence on both and…..Yes, they are a must.  But what about the rest?

Print media in local and interstate newspapers, premium online upgrades, neighbourhood letterbox drops, social media campaigns, local radio and even local TV ads are all options that can massively increase your exposure.

Properties that are still for sale 6 or even 12 months after first listing are quite often the ones that have had no real marketing.  Worse, you see properties dropping $10,000 or even $20,000 off their asking price because they are seeing no response when they could better improve their exposure for less than $1,000.

Every property campaign is different and it is important to work with your agent to determine what tools could suit the sale of your property best.