Body Corporate Management

Do you own a unit that is part of a strata but without an active body corporate in place? Perhaps you have one but it isn’t managed well, you are worried you may not be insured correctly or there is one owner doing all the work.

Did you know Living Here Launceston can also manage your body corporate?

Our experienced property manager, Lisa Van Zetten, has 20 years of expertise and looks after a number of residential and commercial complexes in and around the Launceston area.  We can take care of everything from meetings to maintenance and financial requirements including all the paperwork that goes along.

In our role as strata manager we are responsible for the following duties;

∙ Provide advice to members regarding the Strata Tiles Act and the body corporates obligations under this

∙ Accounting, invoicing & debt collection (if required) for body corporate fees

∙ Arrange maintenance contractors to work on common areas to ensure they are kept in good condition and arrange payment of associated invoices

∙ Facilitate communication for the strata

∙ Negotiate & pay strata insurance policy

∙ Conduct annual meetings in our office and record and distribute official minutes

∙ Budgeting for how body corporate funds are allocated

∙ Set up and monitor body corporate bank accounts and provide bank reconciliations & financial reports for this

∙ Assist in the setting of any special by-laws required

If you would like some more information on our strata management and the cost involved we can email or mail you an information pack explaining what we do and what is involved in Living Here being appointed to help you.  

Feel free to contact Lisa on 0459 955 344 or