Auction Season

Whilst Melbourne may be known as the auction capital of the world, Living Here Launceston is preparing for a series of successive auctions as the market negotiates the evolving community sentiment. A successfully run auction campaign can be the difference between stagnation in a changing market and the best and highest price. Whilst Tasmanians have historically shown some resistance to the broadscale adoption of auctions as the preferred mode of sale, for properties or vendor circumstances with the right characteristics, it is widely acknowledged as the best path to the strongest outcome. 

A Living Here auction campaign is a vigorously run and exciting time for both the community and the seller as the campaign process is spent and focused on creating a buzz around the property. You’ll be hearing about another upcoming auction or ours in the following days and this property is one that we think every savvy investor will have their eye on. 

Will your property be the next one to stir the market into a frenzy?