Apmasphere Property Management Conference 2016

Christina, Cheryl, Karla, Kelly and William attended one of Australia’s largest property management conferences in April.   They learnt from Australia’s top property managers and speakers and also took part in a very interesting study tour of other Living Here offices around the Brisbane and Gold Coast area.  It was a great opportunity to see how other office are structured  as they were all very different.

One interesting theme from the conference was that nationwide property management teams are going away from the traditional ‘portfolio’ style of property management where 1 property manager does all the tasks for a set number of properties.  They are now adopting what they call ‘squads’ where each staff member has a set task for all the properties, ie maintenance, letting, arrears.

This is what we have been doing in our office for years!  Was great to see others recognising that this is a much better way to run a property management department!