5 Great Reasons to Move to Tasmania

Have you thought about moving to Tasmania from interstate….you are not alone.    The numbers of those making the move from interstate have risen over the past few years with the younger generation leading the charge.  Here are some of the reasons why…

  1. Affordable Housing – Tasmania is still by far the cheapest state or territory in Australia to buy property.  There are still 3 bedroom homes here with a big backyard for under $300,000 within short commutes of many town centres.
  2. Shorter Commute Times – Driving 10 minutes to work or school each day will leave you with more time left to spend outdoors or with family and friends.  Traffic jams are also rare in most parts of Tassie.  Or better still work from home!  Many people move to Tasmania and manage to keep their mainland job and work online.
  3. Spectacular Scenery – If you are into nature, Tasmania has hundreds of beautiful places for you to visit and many are just a day trip away.  If you love beaches, ours are amongst the world’s most beautiful and often you will have them all to yourself (just be sure to pack your wetsuit!)
  4. Small Town Communities – Tasmanians are known as a friendly bunch and always willing to help one another out.   We smile and say hello to strangers in the street and enjoy getting to know newcomers.
  5. Weather – although most people think it is always cold here, it’s really not…our summers are mostly temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s and with daylight savings it’s not dark until 9.30pm so we have much longer days to enjoy the nice weather.   Yes it’s colder in winter which doesn’t suit everyone but we all rug up and enjoy looking at the snow capped mountains and wood fires.