Repair Request

We are excited to announce that we have invested in a ground-breaking new software system, Maintenance Manager. This system will significantly assist us to manage maintenance and the associated risks more effectively than ever. Maintenance Manager will also ensure that the trades are providing the service levels that we would expect and more importantly provide you with the industry’s leading information and status updates.

Fundamentally, it will provide you with the best, cutting edge service levels. This system will simplify the way you can lodge maintenance issues, be kept informed of the request status, be advised of planned works and then asked to confirm whether any planned works have been satisfactorily completed. Maintenance requests can be lodged, tracked and verified via a Tenant Maintenance App (Apple and Android) or via our website.

We will also keep you informed via email regarding the status of requests/jobs. In particular, you will receive email confirmation of any maintenance requests you submit as well as details of suppliers visiting for quoting or repairs. On occasion we may ask you to confirm that work has been completed satisfactorily. These emails will have a ‘Click Here’ button that connects you to our secure Internet approval screen with a description of work and photos asking you to let us know if the work has been completed. You can be assured it is simple, secure and speedy.

Click Here to Report a Maintenance Issue!

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