Sell or wait?

The buying and selling of real estate is fundamental to the creation of our individual wealth as Australians. Property prices are a reflection of our confidence in the economic  stability of a region and the growth/loss potential that often flows from some of, if not the, largest purchases we are likely to make in our lifetime.

Today… right now in this moment, this is epitomized by … Read more »


Real estate values remain steady

Autumn is upon us and the trees have turned their lovely autumn tones. Despite the current situation the world keeps spinning!

Even with all the disruptions, real estate sales are still powering on. We have noticed a drop in the number of sales but values have remained steady. In fact, an actual increase in values has been recorded for the month of April despite the … Read more »


Real estate agents working from home!

Our industry is facing many new challenges including the need to adjust to working from home.  The team have been setting up their home offices in readiness for what is going to be a very busy time in real estate.

For the time being, its business but not quite a usual.  We can appraise your property, list, sell and rent it as long as we … Read more »


Challenging times ahead!

There is so much uncertainty in our community right now.  We are concerned not only for our safety but also our livelihood!

However, Tasmania seems to be the lucky place to live so far.  Whilst a lot of our businesses are closed and a lot of workers losing their jobs, there is certainly a feeling of getting through this together and helping each other where … Read more »


Body Corporate Management

Do you own a unit that is part of a strata but without an active body corporate in place? Perhaps you have one but it isn’t managed well, you are worried you may not be insured correctly or there is one owner doing all the work.

Did you know Living Here Launceston can also manage your body corporate?

Our experienced property manager, … Read more »